I spent 7 nights with mom at Faith Home Assisted Living, probably giving me better insight into the facility than most relatives of residents there! I felt very comfortable there, it didn't seem at all like I was confined. I compare the experience to life in a college dorm, except the food was better, and I had a car!

- Resident's daughter

The staff there is amazing. I didn't see one instance of impatience or frustration towards a resident. They were very respectful and caring. Mom is comfortable with them, and enjoys the interaction. We can be thankful that such a facility is available for her.

The apartment is very nice (for those of you who haven't seen it). Lots of light and good storage. Very cozy.

- Resident's immidiate family

Although mom tends to complain about it, the food was good! Basically tastes like what I would cook at home. She is eating well, though snacking a lot on candy in her room. Hence the weight gain. On our last trip to the grocery store Sunday, though, she bought fruit and crackers instead of chocolate!

I think mom's in the best possible place for her situation. I know I could not find the same quality of care here in the Denver area.

- Resident's daughter